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Jeff Ward is a an 2D character / effects animator from Houston, Texas. His earliest childhood memories are getting home from school and rushing to pop in a VHS of my favorite movies. Their colorful worlds captivated him and it felt like magic. Then as he got into High school, he  discovered you could help create these films. He started learning animation at Savannah College of Art and Design. His time was quickly filled with projects and he realized this is what he was destined to do. He hope to one day work on an animation that will gives kids the same feeling of wonder and excitement that those movies gave his as a kid.

One of the things he enjoy most about animating is how fast time flies while doing it. He can be drawing for hours without realizing and has has stayed up very early into the morning without realizing it. But the final product can be so rewarding when proper care is put into animation. 

His favorite things to do in his free time is to watch movies. 

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